Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Doug Dexheimer is USPTA certified instructor and is in charge of the "QuickStart Tennis" program.
The "QuickSart Tennis" program was introduced by the USTA im May of 2008. This program scales down all aspects of regulation tennis -- including equipment, court size and scoring -- so that the game is tailored to the child's age and size. More information can be found at the "USTA Launches QuickStart Tennis" page on the USTA web site.

QuickStart lessons, Tennis in the Parks, is offered in the summer by through Spearfish Park and Rec. Department programs, and the "Kid's Indoor Tennis Lessons" sponsored by the Spearfish Tennis Association
Coach Dexheimer is the Spearfish High School Boys and Girls tennis coach.

Doug Stevens is a PTR certified professional and offers private Junior/Adult lessons.
Coach Stevens is the instructor for the "Junior Indoor Tennis Camp" sponsored by the Spearfish Tennis Association.
He is also the advisor for the BHSU tennis club.