Friday, April 26, 2019

The purpose of the Spearfish Tennis Association is:

  • To promote the game of tennis in the City of Spearfish among all ages and classes of people.
  • To encourage fair play, athletic ability, lifelong interest in fitness and health, and respect for the game and fellow competitors.
  • To teach players the fundamentals of the game of tennis and to give them opportunities to improve their skills and to compete at a recreational level, locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • To teach the rules of the game, sportsmanship, honesty, the acceptance of defeat, the willingness to improve, and graciousness in victory.
  • To cooperate with the United States Tennis Association and other associations in the pursuit of these aims.
  • To cooperate with the United States Tennis Association and other associations in the pursuit of these aims.

Spearfish Tennis Association is registered with the Uinted States Tennis Association. We are an organizational member if the USTA Northern Section.

Tennis facilities are not free. Having more members increases our power with funding organizations, allowing us to maintain and develope facilities and programs. Please help by joining the STA.
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Benefits of being part of the Spearfish Tennis Association

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Joining the Spearfish Tennis Association benefits you as an individual player and the overall state of tennis in Spearfish. The STA provides the following benefits:

  • Advocacy: The STA is a unified voice for tennis in the community. The high school facility came about largely through the STA’s advocacy with the school district and the city, and we maintain ongoing efforts to make others aware of the need for improvements and upkeep.
  • USTA Grants:The STA has written several grants to the USTA that have greatly improved tennis in the community:
    • a $60,000.00 grant that helped build the new courts;
    • a $1000.00 grant that helped purchase the white board and equipment for youth tennis;
    • a $7500.00 grant that allowed us to rent the Young Center this winter and institute a winter program for children and youth.
  • USTA Programs:The STA has brought the following USTA programs to Spearfish:
    • Tennis Block Parties every spring
    • High Performance Workshop and Recreational Coaches Workshop conducted by Jeff Nelson.
  • Group Work: The STA works to improve and maintain facilities by raising and lowering windscreens, maintaining nets, and doing projects such as the sidewalks from the parking lot to the courts.
  • Young Center relationship: The STA invited John Kietzmann, Director of the Young Center, to a board meeting to discuss how we might make better use of the Young Center. The USTA grant has allowed us to rent the field house and to establish a working relationship with the Young Center that will make it more tennis-friendly in the future.
  • Youth Support: The STA is actively engaged in getting young people to play tennis and has developed several programs designed to help young people become more involved. This is good not only for the youth, but is also important if we are to have better facilities and more funding from the high school and city.

STA dues are only $10.00 for youth under 18, $15.00 for an individual adult, and $20.00 for a family. Your support helps in numerous, significant ways.